What does your favourite dance say about you?

We all have different backgrounds; with differing tastes and experiences, yet a shared love of dance can bring even the most diverse people together. From the steamy rumba to the dreamy Viennese waltz, we all have a favourite dance and our choice can reveal a lot about our personalities. Here’s what your favourite dance says about you:

Paso Doble

With its strong, bold, sharp movements; its drama and raw passion, lovers of the Paso are clearly extroverts. You need a lot of confidence to convincingly pull off all that cape work. There’s a lot of acting required for this dance, so it’s likely you are self-assured and don’t often take no for an answer. You’re not scared to stand up for yourself and love nothing more than a fiery argument – not to mention the making-up afterwards.


You’re fun, energetic and you love to be the life and soul of the party. Never one to shy away from the limelight, you are the first one to take to the floor – if it’s in fancy dress, so much the better. With all those wacky movements and facial expressions, the Charleston isn’t a dance for wallflowers, this is for exuberant exhibitionists!


Elegant and a bit of a dreamer, lovers of the waltz are the kinds of people who follow the rules and ooze class. You like the security of being in hold and not ‘on display’. You are a traditionalist who can sometimes be a bit too practical but who secretly likes a little escapism every now and then. You are generally an agreeable person who prefers the quiet life to confrontation.


You flirt, you! You hear the music and those hips start moving, but you won’t go anywhere until you’ve been invited by the right partner. You love a bit of glamour, an outrageous outfit and the chance to be sociable. You’re outgoing, open-minded and worldly but don’t like to be alone in the limelight – hence liking the fact that everyone can take to the floor when that salsa beat begins.


Provocative and steamy, this dance is surely favoured by those that seemingly smoulder at all times, whether in a black cab or under the dimmed lights of that dance hall. You’re likely to be artistic and well-travelled, if not with a musical talent of some sort. Research (believe it or not) suggests that fans of the tango can be introverts and worry a lot, but you wouldn’t know under that fixed, intoxicating gaze.

Hip hop

You’re far too cool for school if hip hop is your favourite style. Street dancing is gritty, earthy and urban, brings out the deep side of a person. Hip hop is tough, it’s jerky and fractured, yet incredible when performed correctly. It’s possible that fans of this style are tortured souls, fashionable and in possession of quite an attitude. Admit it, you like to cause a bit of a fuss sometimes, you like to wind people up. You speak your mind and don’t care what others think – it’s important to believe in yourself and stand up for your beliefs, right?

American Smooth

Where’s Fred Astaire when you need him? Lovers of this wonderful dance long for days gone by, where the women wore marabou-trimmed frocks and the men took the lead. If you love the American smooth, then it’s possible you are charming, a romantic and someone that adores the splendour of the old Hollywood dance musical numbers. You’re open-minded, sophisticated and probably fairly grounded.
Okay, so take the above with a little pinch of salt, but if you’d like to discover which dance suits your personality, why not contact us for a complimentary lesson?

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