Wedding day disasters: Our fool proof solutions

First wedding dance lessons

Admit it, there’s no such thing as a wedding that goes without a hitch. It’s inevitable that something won’t go quite according to plan, even if it’s just a small thing.

To help prepare you – and hopefully prevent any issues – here are five of the most common wedding day disasters and our fool proof solutions for overcoming them:

Disaster #1: Big day nerves
Solution: Deep breaths and a wedding planner who is in control
There are so many elements to be considered in the run up to a wedding, it’s understandable that the bride and/or groom might get nervous. Have enough button holes been ordered? Will the best man reveal something dodgy in his speech? Are the guests going to enjoy themselves? It’s no wonder that the event prompts some panic. However, with the right help and support around you, your worries should be few.

Consider engaging an experienced wedding planner who can make plans and field any issues on your behalf. Let an expert take control, they’ll know all the best suppliers and will be able to commit the time – unlike you, probably – towards making yours the best wedding ever. Don’t forget to use your bridesmaids and groomsmen, that’s what they’re there for! Give them jobs and make your life that little bit easier. Also, look after yourself – try some breathing exercises to promote calm and ensure you eat well – that means no greasy fry-ups for breakfast on the big day, according to Wedding and Wedding Flowers Magazine.

Disaster #2: First dance fiasco
Solution: Wedding dance lessons
Are you or your fiancé/e dreading the all-important and magical first dance? Do you worry about tripping over your two left feet? Or is it simply that the thought of all those eyes on you causes anxiety? No matter the reason, there’s an easy fix: take some first dance lessons.

The first dance is one of the most hotly- anticipated moments of any couple’s wedding day. What song have they chosen? Will they dance cheek-to-cheek or surprise everyone with some crazy steps? And importantly – how is the bride going to dance in that huge dress?

Bride and groom first dance

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t agreed on a song yet, or if your abilities are non-existent; a good dance studio will be able to help you make some choices and teach you steps that suit both your skills and schedules. Of course, you can always invite the bridal party to dance with you if you’d rather not be alone up there. At Karen Hardy Dance Studios we can teach groups, meaning your parents, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen can all take lessons with you – it could serve as a fun stress-buster at a time when you’re all busy trying to make wedding plans.

Whether you want a fully-choreographed routine to rival those YouTube wedding dance sensations or just to gain some confidence, a lesson or two could really make all of the difference. Plus it’s much more common than you think; in fact, it’s fast becoming a standard element of any wedding preparations. What’s more, a lesson at a private London dance studio like ours is an exclusive, luxury experience which can actually bring a bride and groom closer together.

Disaster #3: Adverse weather conditions
Solution: Embrace it!
The one thing you have no control over whatsoever, is the weather. Even the warmest summer days are prone to a sudden downpour which can spectacularly spoil part of the day. Naturally, you should keep an eye on the forecasts, but preparing for – and accepting that it might – rain/snow/blow a gale, will make it far less of an issue.

The best steps you can take, therefore, are disaster minimisation rather than prevention. Invest in bridal wellies and a pretty wedding umbrella that will not only keep the rain off, but can look really sweet in your photos. Confetti has a lovely range to compliment any theme and style of dress. If your wedding is taking place outside, it’s always advisable to have a back-up plan, whether that’s a marquee or somewhere you can all go to shelter until the worst is over. Ensure that your suppliers have mats that can be placed at the entrances so that the floor doesn’t get muddy and slippery.

Or you can simply make the weather a big part of the day, as the couples in this article did, having photos taken with an encroaching twister in the background – your day will be memorable if nothing else!

Disaster #4: The leaning tower of cake
Solution: Kindly decline Auntie Vi’s offer and rely on a professional
While having your cake baked and decorated by a family member or friend is a lovely gesture, unless they are experienced, you could end up with a cake which lists to one side, melts (yes, they do that) or quite simply looks appalling. And you know how much people judge the cake…

Wedding Dance ideas

While we can’t all have a bespoke creation from Peggy Porschen Cakes, it’s always worth asking a professional/ well-practised amateur to make this centrepiece of the wedding breakfast. They’ll know how to stack the cake properly so that the tiers don’t wobble or sink into each other. They’ll know which intricate techniques will produce the most ornate piping to replicate the latest wedding cake trends. Similarly, they will know how to store the cake, transport it carefully to minimise any cracking and set it up so that it looks better than the one your best friend served (which, let’s face it, is the ultimate aim, right?).

Disaster #5: Family fights
Solution: Tactical table plans and vigilant groomsmen
One of the biggest worries plaguing couples on the run up to the big day is the thought of a family bust up. With so many blended configurations, the potential for animosity is high. A tactfully created table plan can help reduce this potential, keeping likely candidates apart, but do remember that you don’t have to stick to traditional seating arrangements if it means placing warring parents within shouting distance.

If at all possible, Wedding Ideas Magazine suggests, talk to those who might cause trouble. Remind them that this is your day and ask them to respect your wishes for a fight-free wedding. You can also dispatch the best man and ushers to keep an eye on those red-flagged individuals so that they can intervene before a mild disagreement becomes a big fight. Another top tip is to provide plenty of water and food throughout the reception, to prevent guests from over-indulging and getting fired up.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to avoid a few wedding day issues but essentially, all you really need to remember is that you are marrying the person you love in front of the people you love – and nothing else matters.

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