The Chicken or the Egg…

Learning to Dance… by Karen Hardy

With the world of technology steadily taking over our human freedom of speech and spirit I still stand strong that the life skills that Ballroom and Latin American dancing has to offer are an imperative function that the human brain and body needs to survive…

Wow, what a compelling and very assertive opening to my first blog for 2016!  But I am being serious… how many of you would rather send a text message today than pick up a phone and ask a question in person?  And that’s just a start to the effect technology is having on us… and it’s only going to get worse!

How many of you have children that now live in their bedrooms either on their PC, MAC, iPhone, Xbox etc?  You know inside it’s wrong, you know you should be interacting with your children but with all the stresses and strains our day to day lives endure your conscience allows you to believe your children are happier on their electronic gadgets.  Truth be told that’s all they know and understand now so when you do start interacting with them for a moment they say…”uh… this is boring!!!”  And so begins the great story of the Chicken or the Egg!!!

So how can learning to dance stop this never ending story of what came first the chicken or the egg?

Stage 1: Fear Factor

This will play a large part in actually winning this chicken and egg competition.  Dance classes throughout the world all exist largely due to you ‘the beginner’.  Did you know that?  At the heart of every dance studio are those that daily, weekly, monthly step nervously onto the dance floor to further improve the art of moving around the dance floor with a partner.  But if everyone who came to a dance studio could already dance… we’d all be out of a job.  So firstly ignore the fear inside, you will not be the only one learning to dance for the first time.

Stage 2: Take a friend or family member with you.

Of course you can go to a dance studio alone and enjoy interacting with new people and your teacher… but this can be really daunting if you are not good at interacting and therefore ‘excuses’ will set in and you’ll probably end up turning around and going back home!  So… why not take a friend, partner or best of all your young family members.

Having a dance lesson with your young son or daughter can end up being the highlight of your week.  (Of course they will moan in the beginning) but there is absolutely nothing stopping you taking your son or daughter along to join you in your private dance lesson.  And trust me it is so much fun you’ll be sad when the lesson is over.  You will have a lot to talk about not only in the car on the way home but also at night over dinner.  You’ll also have so much peace of mind having personally interacted with your children having fun on the dance floor.  Not only that you are giving the gift of an incredible life skill that your children will thank you for many many times to come in the future.

Stage 3: Set a Goal.

Setting goals in life are quite an essential element to actually carrying something through to the end.  Joining a ten week group class and not knowing why, how or what you are going for will definitely end with a “smashed egg’!!!!  At Karen Hardy Dance Studios we take time to listen to everyone’s reason why they want to dance, how we can make it possible for them to learn to dance and most importantly find out what they want to achieve from learning to dance?  These are three very important questions that I believe have to be clear if we are going to win this Chicken or Egg war.  At the end of the day there cannot be any excuses and we know you all want to have a go so we have to make it as easy as possible for you.

Having an array of different options open to each person that comes through our doors is an important element to the success of our studios.  Maybe you are someone who only has an hour a week and you’d love to dance at your friends wedding.  Or it’s a lifetime dream to dance again after giving up at a young age and achieve an internationally recognised certificate for your efforts.  Maybe you just need glamour, fun and a challenge in your life… then joining us on the dance floor in Miami is definitely something we would recommend.

Stage 4: Have a lot of fun.

There are actually lots of stages that could be discussed in this initial article but the most important of them all is that dancing is there to have fun with.  Replacing dance with the monotony of gym workouts is a must if you want to have fun getting fit!  Having fun during your day with your dance teacher on the dance floor is a must when being a housewife is literally sending you up the wall with boredom.  And how about having the biggest smile in the world when you can walk up to anyone, anytime, anywhere and quite simply ask…”would you like to dance?’

As I said this is a topic I could talk about all day but basically don’t let the chicken and egg of life take over.  Break the cycle and do something about learning to dance today – I did at the age of five and I’ve never looked back.  My mum just did at the age of 70 and she is now having the time of her life on the dance floor.

Don’t leave it too late.  Get dancing with your family, with your friends or you may even like to learn more about our now very successful and fun “Bonding Through Ballroom” Team Building experiences we have launched where we get you and your work colleagues all up and dancing too!!

Until next time when I may have fun talking office politics and the benefits dancing can have for everyone from how to deliver HR sensitive issues to Operation communication breakdowns with processes and procedures to good old moments when management interaction gets all too uncomfortable…

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