Strictly Come Dancing is Back!

Strictly Come Dancing is back… and so too is our very own Karen Hardy. With a page full of worldwide titles to her name, awards for her services to dance, qualifications as well as the coveted Strictly Come Dancing champion title with the incredible Mark Ramprakash, we were over joyed to hear that she would be once again part of the Strictly family. Not only seeing her return to her very informative Tuesday slot on Choreography Corner on It Takes Two week nights but also we are overjoyed to see she is back to give us right up to the minute insights as the celebrities unfold their performances live every Saturday night on Strictly Come Dancing. With a different celebrity guest joining her on her more gracious set this year, be delighted as we get to share live her very own views on the dance performances from the celebrities with their professional partners as well as the often very entertaining and intriguing thoughts of her guest.

How do I get to see Karen Hardy with her celebrity guest live on Saturday nights Strictly Come Dancing? Well it’s quite simple, if you’ve ever wondered what that little red button is up in the top right hand corner of your screen well nows the time to push it.

How do I push the interactive red button? With technology ever speeding ahead, the Interactive Red Button to some of you may have you panicking what will happen if you push it! It is really so easy to do and the idea is to give you even more dimension and in depth details to the shows you love to enjoy, from Wimbledon to football world cups you simply have to look at your remote control and push the red button on it. If you are still confused here’s a great BBC page you can go and read a bit further about all that the Interactive Red Button has to offer.

Enjoy this fantastic dancing season and if you do nothing else go book a free taster lesson today at Karen Hardy Studios, London to see just how bad you really are and we think you’ll be secretly surprised

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