Learn to Samba at Karen Hardy Studios

The Samba is danced to medium tempo Brazilian Latin music with a strong downbeat. It’s hard to believe that this flamboyant, festive and carnival dance is rooted in a ritual dance style by the stamping of feet for the god of war.

One of the many gods, Caboclo, had a style known as Samba, which was brought over to Brazil through African cultures and traditions. The samba became the secular face of the Candomble ritual. In the aftermath of the abolition of slavery at the end of the nineteenth century, the Candomble and the Samba spread across the country.

Samba dancing made its way into the carnival at the beginning of the 20th century, appearing on the streets about 1917. Samba schools battle it out even to this day to win this contest. As a result we see living expressions of Brazilian culture and history filling the streets, with lavish mosaics of colours of their nation’s hope and aspirations.

A dance full of bounce, soft knees, dramatic expressions and variety of rhythmical interpretations, Samba brings an image of colour and carnival to the dance floor, which sees even the meekest beginner feel a desire to jump onto the dance floor and have a go.

Basic Rhythm: 1 a2 1 a2 (accent on downbeat)

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