Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – dancing to our favourite festive songs

Whether you’re coming to our Winter Wonderland Christmas Gala or preparing for the annual work Christmas bash, you know at some point, you’ll have to step onto the dance floor. Dancing is all but obligatory at these seasonal gatherings, striking fear into the hearts of many two-left-footed individuals.

To better prepare you, here’s the inside info on a few of our favourite Christmas songs and which dances to practice in advance.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Smiling couple in Santa hatsThis uptempo track has been a stalwart of Christmas party playlists since its UK release in 1962, when it reached number six in the charts. Sung by the then 13-year-old Brenda Lee, the song is perfect for the Jive, as it is a moderate rock in 4/4 time. The Jive is a lively, fun dance in which you and a partner swing around the dance floor. Check out our simple beginner’s steps if you’d like to have a go.

Other favourite festive tunes that you can Jive to include Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You, the Jackson 5’s Rockin’ Robin and Elton John’s Step Into Christmas. All of these have been seen on Strictly Come Dancing’s Christmas special over the years.

White Christmas

Irving Berling’s classic, one of the biggest selling records of all time, was first performed back in 1941 by Bing Crosby and featured in the film, Holiday Inn (and later in White Christmas). This is undoubtedly a ballroom song and its slow 4/4 timing makes it ideal for the Foxtrot. This gives you a great excuse to take the object of your affections in hold and impress them with your slow-slow-quick-quick abilities.

Santa Baby – be it Eartha Kitt’s purring version or Kylie Minogue’s imitation – is a similarly suitable Foxtrot number and one which remains a firm favourite. So too are Bing Crosby’s rendition of Winter Wonderland, Gene Autry’s Frosty the Snowman and Last Christmas by Wham!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Yeardecorated Christmas tree

Andy Williams’ 1963 hit has more recently risen to prominence thanks to several television ad campaigns but is no less loved by the party-going masses. It’s also one of the few recognisable Christmas pop songs which is in 3/4 time and just right for the Waltz.

The waltz box step is one of the easiest dances to pick up with its forward-side-close-back-side-close steps (mirror image for the followers). It’s an elegant dance which, with the addition of sways and swings can really turn heads.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas and The Christmas Waltz (unsurprisingly) are two others that you can Waltz to.

Merry Xmas Everybody

Slade’s glam rock anthem might have hit the number one spot in 1973, but it still tops most ‘favourite Christmas song’ lists 40-odd years later. A brightly swinging, medium shuffle in 4/4 time, it would theoretically be possible to dance several Latin and Ballroom styles to it – including the Rumba, Quickstep and Tango. This might appear a bit strange, but it was even used for the Cha Cha Cha by Simon Webbe and Katya Virshilas in the 2011 Strictly Christmas show.

If all else fails, of course, bust out your tried and tested dad-at-a-wedding moves and just have a great time – it is Christmas, after all!

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