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The Paso Doble is a dance that requires dramatic Latin ‘bullfight’ music – frequently a song entitled Espana Cani. Here we see a dance full of energy, assertive and powerful.

The Paso Doble’s origin is said to be as a Spanish folk dance but, in the early 1930s, among the upper class Parisians it became popular and acquired many French names for steps in the technique books of today. It was in the 1920s that a choreographed bullfight pantomime appeared.

Here, the Paso Doble was the bullfight performed as a dance. The man played the Torero, the woman the red cloth, the ‘Capa’, or the ‘Muleta’ – and not the bull! This performing way of dancing became a great novelty of that time. The name Paso Doble in Spanish means ‘Two Step’ but more importantly it is known as ‘the dance of the master’. The tension of his body can be felt by the audience and is decisive for its aesthetic appeal. The woman, on the other hand, behaves toward him with a kind of self-confident distance, being lithe, agile and elegant at the same time. But also the lady takes on a dominant role in some figures, much like in the Flamenco.

The dance today is mainly seen in international competition throughout the world being the fourth dance in an event. Such influences as Flamenco dance have brought further depths to this strong and very exciting dance.

Basic Rhythm: March (one step per beat)

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