New Summer Ballroom Dance Camps at Karen Hardy Studios

With the summer holidays now here and teasing a sun packed season it means our gorgeous bundles of loved ones can enjoy some outside fun for a day or two in 2013! It also means for us weathered mums that our longed prepared family summer holiday break will be flawlessly deployed or …for those virgin parents whom are maybe not so prepared (being me back in 2010) a tsunami of childcare nightmares has begun!

So bring on those ‘Summer Camps’…. is what I say, from football to tennis, horse riding to stage coaching there is every type of camp possible out there to take on what so many mums are ashamed of admitting is…’a baby sitting service’ for the holidays.

Ingeniously though our consciousness can be saved by the mere fact of seeing our loved ones acquire a new life skill during this ‘baby sitting summer service’ and somehow allow us to feel at peace as we embrace the delight of our children coming home ecstatic to show off their perfected golf swing or cake samples from cooking class.

Having spoken to a few mums at school back in those early days and confessing my baby sitting ‘organised chaos’ and knowing that my son just really wanted to be out playing all day (something I knew I neither had the time or the energy to physically do), together with my son we were soon guided to the good old Internet, armed with a couple of recommendations and it wasn’t long before an array of clubs were exciting us both and gone was the fear and guilt of our son’s summer holidays being wasted away at home in front of our TV or iPad day after day.

…And as a result so too has dawned the birth of our very own Ballroom Dance Camp at Karen Hardy Studios this summer! Having a few years experience now under my belt of what clubs really worked and stimulated our son and which were just a load of website waffle… we decided it was time to open a summer dance camp for children to learn to ballroom dance at our dance studios in SW6. Knowing full well all the benefits that dance has to offer from human interaction to confidence building, health and fitness benefits and the embracing of music and movement and all whilst having a great deal of fun, we hope that the design of this ‘baby sitting service of dance’ will offer another option for all those parents desperately pulling their hair out!

With having our own son now, this summer holiday season makes me respect so much more what my parents had to do to balance those long summer days keeping my brother and I occupied and happy during all of those weeks! Sadly, with mankind changing and parents hesitant to allow their children to play together out on the streets or in beautiful parks and beaches as I was lucky enough to enjoy, summer camps are becoming more and more a necessity rather than a guilty luxury.

And with technology taking the forefront of every child’s life now from iPads to Xboxes, there’s an argument that summer holidays are too long for our children to be consumed in digital land but rather to get them out in the world, communicating, interacting and most importantly learning and experiencing something maybe new to their senses.

So if you are not a local to our SW6 studios of the Chelsea/Fulham district I hope you will research on the Internet a local dance school for your children this summer holiday. I can recommend the British Dance Council, ISTD and IDTA sites for listings of dance schools throughout the UK but if you are a stones throw away from our studios in London or have a relative or nanny happy to deliver your bundles of joy to us we will be dancing along to some great music this holiday time teaching all those renowned dances from Cha Cha Chas and Jives to Tangos and Waltzes.

Rest assured our teachers are qualified and CRB checked and have one aim this summertime to get children actively having fun, ballroom dancing.

For more information about our Ballroom Summer Dance Camps at Karen Hardy Studios our website is: or you can call our friendly staff on 0207 731 7316. Otherwise feel free to drop us an email with any questions you may have.

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