Kids Are Back To School

For parents it’s now time to start making those important decisions about your children’s education and especially those extra curriculums that you feel your child will enjoy experiencing. At Karen Hardy Studios we know full well the values that dance in a child’s life offers from; communication skills, interacting, sense of achievement, working together, manners and very importantly fitness and energy and all whilst having fun. Why not give your child the chance to embrace a skill he will keep with him for a lifetime. For more information about our Saturday classes or private one to one lessons click here or contact today.

And with you yourself now having a bit more ‘Lifestyle Time’ back on your hands (even if it is for a brief time), with your children back to school it’s time to once again indulge in those lifestyle luxuries! So, with Strictly Come Dancing about to tease us with it’s launch show on the 15th September we know it will soon have you all pondering once again “should I learn to dance?” Don’t think about it any more, do something about it and make 2012 the year you officially stepped onto a dance floor with style and you can do it for FREE here today. At our exclusive members club in the London’s Chelsea district you have all the privacy you need to take those first early learning steps and there’s even a champagne bar to further support your nerves! Join during the month of September and enjoy 50% discount on your first year’s membership. For more information please contact or call 0207 731 7316 and quote ‘Lifestyle Living’

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