Karen Hardy’s 5 Strictly Come Dancing Celebrities stripped bare!

Well, love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again when we all get to cuddle up in our lounge as a family in front of the telly. It’s time to call the girls and get together with a bottle of ‘Dom’ ready for a big night in. And boys, it’s time for you to pretend you’re putting in some extra hours at the gym for the sake of your physique, but truth be told you’ve found the one running machine that’s positioned perfectly in front of a 70” tv screen showing this year’s… Strictly Come Dancing 2014. 

This year boasts the most stunning line-up of celebrities, and I can see from the start it’s going to be a battle of the beauties, both male and female. Adding to their beauty the celebs will have the full glitterati costumes, the hair, the tans and the make up which will only serve to enhance this glamour of this celebrity line-up.

However, with my insightful eye poised ready to see through all the red herring effects created to appeal to the public, I’m excited to strip these celebrities bare and share with you some of my thoughts on who really stands out. Who could be the show stopping star of the season, the front runner but long term loser, or, more excitingly, who could be the dark horse of the series? Read on for my top tips to help you out before you head down to your local bookies!!

So here we go with my top 5 ‘flyers or flappers’…:

Scott Mills…has to be a flyer. And, I repeat, HAS to be a flyer!! He has no choice, and for no other reason than I just selfishly want to see this cool man of our radio airways steal the show being as super cool on the dance floor as he is on BBC Radio One. Coming from the world of music I am hoping rhythm is in his soul and not his socks, and that a natural musical beat in his body will be a string to his bow and keep us voting for him, until at least half way through the show.

We’re spoilt for choice from the world of pop music this year, so I’ve chosen someone who for me is quite simply a gorgeous hunk of a chap for my next flyer, Simon Webbe from the chart-topping boy band Blue. With a smile that reminds me of Mr Ramprakash he is going to melt so many of you lovely ladies hearts, but will he have the moves to get those all important scores from the judges? I have feeling he’s a fighter, especially being one of 9 children, and I’m hoping he’ll be a listener and a learner rather than a diva. If he takes onboard everything his professional partner will be pushing him to do, I think he’s a character that we will want to see week after week. Don’t be caught out though as he looks to have the traits of a slow starter!!

Right, I have to go to the world of sport now, which I love. Looking back over the history books we see that sports personalities have clearly stood their ground well, so there’s no surprise we can already hear your positive support for Judy Murray. She’s going to have mental strength, an ear for listening and learning, the skill of mastering techniques, and most importantly the mentality of fighting until the last note has been sung. But, as inspiring as she is to so many, will she be able to keep her own inspiration alight  as the show’s strenuous training days and an endless stream of new technical skills to master inevitably knock her back. I think Judy could surprise us all and inspire us to believe that anything we put our minds to really is possible!!

Ok, I am sure you are itching to know who my possible flapper could be?? Well I’m actually leaning a little towards Caroline Flack who has the most enviable looks, and smiles that light up a room, but i’m wondering if she’ll be tough enough to endure what her professional partner will have to push her though physically on the dance floor? I think mentally she has to be strong especially acknowledging her incredible success in the world of presenting, where it’s a misconception to think only bimbos get jobs. Intelligent, determined and hard workers only succeed in this very cutthroat part of the entertainment world, which she has clearly managed but my worry is will she have the physical energy and longevity to stay the Strictly course?

And finally, I think we have to go to a man who’s not afraid to call a spade a spade and dish out his own thoughts and opinions on others. But, how well will he take criticism directed personally at him? Yes, my eye is going to be closely examining Mr Gregg Wallace, Masterchef presenter. Having had a past experience dancing with a chef, I found that their obsessive attention to detail and perfection can often distract them from the most important thing of all -that the Strictly Come Dancing clock ticks very very fast!! Perfection is not the key to success in this show, instead it’s about serving up a substantial performance that is going to fill our tummies rather than tease our taste buds!! Is he a flyer or a flapper in my opinion??  I’m going to just slightly tip on the side of a flyer in the show, only because he knows the importance of keeping your head down and working hard in order to deliver a feast for us all to enjoy.

Is this an entertainment show or a dance competition? Well, its whatever you the viewing public want it to be, but know you need to be in it to win it. If you don’t vote you wont have a say and we will see some of the most talented leave this show too early on. I’ve shared with you so much dance knowledge over the years from Ballroom top lines to Latin hip actions so don’t be afraid to shout loud and proud who your winner is each week.

I look forward to regularly offering you insight to this incredible world of Ballroom and Latin American dancing and if you feel you would love to take just a few steps on a dance floor yourself come down to our studios hidden away on the waterfront of the glamorous Chelsea harbor where bespoke dance tuition is just a Quickstep away…

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