Karen Hardy Studios Does Palm Beach, Miami… In Style

Congratulations have to go out to our own Karen Hardy Studios Team GB who as a party of 30 set off into the world of the unknown, destination… Palm Beach, Miami, to compete at the Killick Klassik, just a couple of weeks ago and returned with a mountain of first places. Not only that but also with the combined success of each of our students it resulted in Karen Hardy Studios winning runners up in ‘The Best Studio’ category!! Go KHS Team GB we are all so proud of you and the trophy will have a pride of place in the studio.

Who would have thought our new and exciting introduction of ProAm would take off with such a huge success? Can you believe it was over a year ago that the idea was first put to a handful of our members, then in January of this year we enjoyed welcoming Paul Killick to our studio to give us a little more detail as to what his event would hold for us all. Still seemingly a dream for so many of you, nervously and probably apprehensively (as we were also) you signed the bottom-line and agreed to bungee jump into this new experience.

Can you believe a team of 30 of us in total all boarded planes at different times and from different locations but on the whole we all arrived at the five star Ritz Carlton, ‘Palm Beach darling…” ready to hear more about the unknown and to be greeted by the extravagant Mr Paul Killick himself at a cocktail party with champagne flowing to welcome us all.

Well the rest of this incredible story is all history now but such fabulous memories for us all to reflect back over time and time again! From incredible showcases from you – our students – to a most personal, warm and welcoming hotel on the exclusive Palm Beach front, to endless glasses of champagne celebrating our success and possibly a moment of table dancing or two by those who shall remain nameless…, to seeing the most amazing smiles on your faces as you won, to tears of disappointment in not achieving what you had so desired, to experiencing high class performances from top champions from around the world… there really are not enough words that will ever express just how perfect this dance vacation to Miami was and what we all experienced in our own individual ways.

For those that took this huge leap of faith, some not long having taken up the early learning steps of lifestyle ballroom dancing to others who are our life and soul of the studio we personally want to say a huge thank you for believing in us. We are sure you never thought you would one day step foot onto a dance floor, lights camera action… with a professional dance partner, all glammed up to the hill in the most suave and gorgeous attire and compete in an event tens of thousands of miles away in the USA … ballroom dancing!! Well you did and we are so proud of each and every one of you and our thanks is also extended to the wonderful team of family and friends who came along to support you all the way.

Well done everyone and just to finish you may like to enjoy some personal words from your team that made this all possible. Here’s to next year and more:

Emma Gill: “First Place, First Place, First Place!! What happened to those students once too shy to dance in front of others at the studio? Miami was definitely the proudest moment of my teaching career. Thank you to everyone, not only for representing KHS and taking the Killick Klassik by storm but also for being part of one of the best weeks of my life. Can’t wait for the next one but remember… what happened in Miami stays in Miami…”

Nick Jury: “Miami Baby!! The Glitz, The Glamour and The Girls – It’s a hard life! I would personally like to thank everybody who took part in the whole experience – everyone excelled themselves and worked extremely hard. It was a pleasure to represent Karen Hardy Studios as a team, so well done to everyone. I can’t wait for the next trip!!”

Jade Birchall: “What a great opportunity to showcase everything our students are capable of, not only bringing home first places but also trophies! I felt so proud to be part of your teaching team and it was an absolute pleasure to join everyone in their celebrations and party in style!”

Honor Roche: “Welcoming, well-organised, glamorous and above all FUN; we couldn’t have asked for more in our students’ step to the next level in their dancing at the Killick Klassik. I remember telling everyone before we left that they’d be surprised what they were capable of, no matter their experience level, and team KHS didn’t let us down, the results speak for themselves. I was so incredibly proud to represent them, the Studio and the UK and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring – get involved!!”

Karen Hardy: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone for making this dream come true. Conrad and I had always dreamt of the day we could share this wonderful experience with you of the ProAm world and even though we were penetrated by nerves of this not meeting your expectations we think we hit it and more! From seeing your amazing faces as you battled it out on the dance floor to sharing a spot of table dancing with one or two of you on a champagne celebration night… you have made history at our studio and will ever be remembered as KHS Team GB, flying the flag for our studio and we were proud of each and everyone of you. Of course Conrad and Callum were deeply saddened they couldn’t be with us but we’ve already agreed there’s always next year!!!”

Paul Killick: “To the darling British Team that ventured all the way to my Killick Klassik competition in Palm Beach! I truly hope you enjoyed every moment of our event as much as we enjoyed having you with us. You were the talk of the event especially the ever-encouraging Great British comradery you brought to our event. You were all absolutely lovely. I hope very much to see you all back again next year and wish you continued success with your dancing experiences.”

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