Just dance!

Just dance We all know that dancing can keep you fit, help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your confidence, but did you know that dancing can also improve your peripheral vision, minimise the chances of developing osteoporosis and, research claims, protect against dementia? The benefits of dancing are so vast, it seems crazy not to give it a go.

No matter whether you are young or small, dancing is one of only a few physical activities that knows no age restrictions, and it’s growing in popularity. The number of students – both male and female – who are taking dance-related subjects has risen incredibly. In fact, some 10 per cent of the UK’s population participates in dance.

We’ve listed lots of fun facts and figures about dancing on our beautiful infographic; some of them might surprise you.

Whether you’re looking for wedding dance lessons, you want to learn how to do the waltz or would simply like to discover how dancing can help you lose weight, why not sign up for a complimentary lesson at Karen Hardy Dance Studios and see for yourself?

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