Learn to Jive at Karen Hardy Studios

The Jive is danced to very fast swing music. The dance was originally the UK’s version of the American Jitterbug and East Coast Swing during World War II. American soldiers brought these dances to Europe around 1940, where they swiftly found a following among the young.

Young being the key word here as it was in North America that the ‘teenager’ had arrived and was enjoying the rebellious actions of their screen heroes, James Dean and Marlon Brando. Anywhere there was a radio, youngsters would be seen Jitterbugging, Jiving and gyrating. Words such as Swing, Be-Bop, Rock n’ Roll and Jitterbug sum up one clear picture; a high energy, pulsating, lively, action packed and fun filled dance to be enjoyed.

Today the Jive is danced around the world in professional competitions in the International Style Latin division as the fifth and final dance. It is the one dance that will separate the men from the boys!

Basic Rhythm: 1 2, 1 a2, 1 a2

Illustration showing The Jive dance steps

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