It Takes Two to Tango…

It Takes Two to Tango… is the only way I could start this blog with all the press coverage of what supposedly does and does not go on behind the scenes of not only Strictly Come Dancing but any scenario surely where there is an ingredient of; drive, competitiveness, commitment, glamour, exhaustion, artistry, a goal, a challenge, a need of fun and I am sure many many more components could be included.  However, a combination of any of these ingredients is also what makes the magic of this wonderful world we call entertainment, which so many want a part of but so many fear in different ways.

I’m steering away from the negative combinations which leave a sour taste in the mouth but rather want to stir you towards the impact of a more enjoyable set of ingredients needed to achieve entertainment for one’s own pleasure.

So, here’s one of my favourite recipes for you to try and all with the fundamental ingredients of Having Fun, Learning to Dance.

Recipe: Warm Winter Rendezvous

Serves up to 4

Pre-Preparation time: 1 hour


  • A pinch of commitment
  • A splash of glamour
  • A bunch of girlie friends
  • Freshly brushed and twizzled hair
  • A radiant gush of smiles
  • A shimmer of gloss to the lips
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Pressed attire of Couture (optional)


  • Warm bath
  • Few drops of bath oils
  • Glass of Veuve Clicquot Rosé
  • Warm Bath Towel
  • Soft Jazz Music (Optional)
  • Thick and fluffy bath robe

On an autumnal night in London, following a dash from work to home, start selecting in your mind your favourite ingredients to flavour your Warm Winter Rendezvous recipe.  Preparation time will be essential as the children will need feeding, the dog taken for a walk and ensure if you are choosing the optional pressed attire of Couture, that you have collected from the dry cleaners the day before.

Preheat the bath ready to 32-35C to open the pores and detox with a few drops of Jo Malone Orange Blossom bath oil, just enough to pamper your skin.  Ensure with this ingredient you choose a non-sleepy oil otherwise the recipe may go slightly flat. A glass of chilled Veuve Clicquot Rosé again optional subject to time and availability. Gently test the temperature with your toe before stepping in to soak, for a blissful 10-20 minutes to unwind from the day.  Once skin feels dewy to the touch and a slight moisture appearing on the forehead, it’s time to step out and gently pat down, ensuring not to over rub the skin.  Fresh cleansing, moisturising and pampering to the face essential before applying a finely grounded selection of foundation, blush and shadows with the all essential double coat of mascara and lip gloss to finish.  Please note a double dash of lip gloss is essential and may need topping up throughout the night.

Finally, it’s all about the timings.  Allow enough time to book and then relax back in your Uber (do not drive).  Liaise with your girlies to ensure enough time is allowed at the champagne bar before the final fun begins on the dance floor.  Of course, I highly recommend the luxurious private members dance club and champagne bar at Karen Hardy Dance Studios on the waterfront of the Chelsea/Fulham SW6 district, to ensure a night of fun taking those first steps on the dance floor with your friends.

Be ready to sample a Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Foxtrot or two by taking simple steps in a variety of directions as guided by your instructor. Combine this with some of your favourite musical tracks and a top up to your glass of champagne and your Warm Winter Rendezvous is nearly complete.

All that is left to do now is to reflect, chatter and enjoy the companionship over late night super just across the road at a selection of restaurants and bars.  This recipe is created for everyone from absolute beginners to the more experienced.

Now that’s what I call a yummy combination of ingredients to enjoy a night of entertainment.

For more details about enjoying a great night out contact:

Karen Hardy Studios
tel: 0207 731 7316

Catch up again soon with more interesting ingredients for the dance floor…

Bye bye for now

Karen Hardy

World Master, United Kingdom, International and  British National Professional Champion of Latin American Dance
Winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2006
Award Winner for Services to Dance
Director of Award Winning Karen Hardy Dance Studios

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