The internet’s best wedding dances

Happy bride and groom on their wedding
It used to be that a bride and groom’s first dance was an awkward affair – two people clinging to each other in mutual embarrassment, revolving in classic ‘slow dance’ style in front of their nearest and dearest while Wonderful Tonight played on.

That was until couples realised that, like our cousins across the Atlantic, they could have wedding dance lessons and actually prepare something impressive. It’s become almost de rigueur to learn to waltz or foxtrot in preparation for the big day, but it hasn’t stopped some couples from trying something wholly more memorable.

Here’s our round up of the five most unforgettable wedding dances:

Making an entrance

Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson’s wedding video has received over 88 million views since it was up-loaded to YouTube in 2009. It featured a choreographed dance to Chris Brown’s Forever and starred every member of the bridal party. Unlike other typical wedding dances, this took place at the ceremony, along the aisle of a Minnesota church. The funky video helped the couple raise $50,000 for a local domestic violence charity. The idea was later copied in a T Mobile ad, famously spoofing the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Baby Got Back

The first dance is usually a romantic one, where the song encapsulates how the newlyweds feel about each other. Imagine how surprised John and Michelle Brubaker’s guests were when Unchained Melody, the song they were slow dancing to, apparently malfunctioned and instead the pair burst into some perfectly practised moves to Sir Mix A Lot’s Baby’s Got Back? This saucy rap track was one of Michelle’s favourite songs and the pair created their own routine, incorporating a number of hip hop dance moves to get the party started. Over 17 million people have seen it.

A thrilling dance

Michael Jackson’s ghoulish Thriller dance is more than simply iconic. So too is Brian and Sandy Lundmark’s imitation, performed at their wedding reception in 2006. Their rendition saw the bride, groom, ushers and bridesmaids replicate the entire zombified, head twitching routine. A video of the dance has received over 13.5 million hits to date and was apparently ‘favourited’ by Michael Jackson (or his management team).

The time of their lives

In another recreation of a famous dance, James Derbyshire and Julia Boggio became overnight internet sensations when footage of their Dirty Dancing pastiche was posted online in 2007. Though James initially resisted, his six gruelling weeks of lessons paid off and now nearly 10 million people have seen his successfully complete THAT lift.

Leave it to the groomsmen

Wedding dances aren’t just for the bride and groom, oh no. There’s a growing trend for surprise routines from the bridesmaids, the parents or – as in this case – the groomsmen. When professional dancer, Teddy Forance, married Victoria Riviera in 2014, he knew he wanted to put on a show. Forance and his groomsmen, amongst whom were other professional dancers, brought the house down, dancing to the Justin Timberlake / Michael Jackson collaboration, Love Never Felt So Good. Posted in December, 653k people have seen the video so far, proving that everyone loves a great dance at a wedding!

If you feel inspired – or worse, intimidated – by these incredible displays, don’t worry. Our experts can guide you through your first dance, leaving you prepared and confident about your first dance as a married couple. We’ll even come to you, if it’s easier! If you would like to find out more, visit our Wedding Dance Lessons page or give us a call on 0207 731 7316.

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