Happy New Year… ‘Get Fit, Get Dancing’

New Year's Eve, LondonHappy New Year everyone and I am very excited to be sharing more dance stories, challenges and hopefully more in-depth insights into what dance has to offer in 2013.

From our ‘Get Fit, Get Dancing’ in 2013 promotion, encouraging you to either call up your local dance school to go and learn to dance those steps you are so inquisitive about since devoting your Saturday nights to Strictly Come Dancing every week in 2012, to hopefully encouraging you to come and experience our celebrity endorsed, award winning Karen Hardy Studios in London yourself.

Whether it’s for an up and coming birthday surprise to signing up as a member of our exclusive club, I want to see you all having a go in 2013. And if you are nervous to take those first steps then why not click here to enjoy a complimentary 25 minute lesson with us and we’ll take all your fears away.

I will also enjoy sharing dance stories about the seasonal changes that dance enjoys around this world. From the most gorgeous and glamorous wedding season, which means it’s time to talk about that, palm sweating moment of ‘the first dance’ – to my thoughts and reviews of World Championship dance events.

But for now I am going to sit back and enjoy my last day snuggled up in my pyjamas with my lovely family on New Year’s Day and start to prepare for my big day tomorrow… I am going on a diet!!

Enjoy, be positive and get up and get dancing in 2013…

Karen Hardy

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