Technical Class – Advanced Latin

Time: 8:00pm – 8:45pm


Attending your regular Advance Technical classes is essential to the improvement of your dancing.  No champion was born ‘thinking about it’  but rather ‘doing something about it’.

Advanced Technical Latin classes looks even closer into actions used in movement.  From hip action development to Rumba walk styling and so much more. Advancing your quality of dance for your own rewards can be mastered not only in your private one to one lessons with your teachers but more so in the Advance Technical classes.

Practice makes perfect and this is an essential time for you to work closely in understanding the basic fundamentals of movement in dance.  From hip actions to heel leads, it is an important part of your development in dance.

Maximum of ten people per class allowed so please ensure you are registered to attend regularly to your technical lessons.

Call the studio today to book on 0207 731 7316

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