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Fun, no pressure, progress checks designed exclusively for our non-competitive social dancers…

At Karen Hardy Dance Studios, we pride ourselves not only on being London’s premier dance school, but also that we offer our members an unrivalled experience, with the chance to have their abilities assessed by experts. We believe in rewarding our members for their hard work and commitment, recognising their improvement on the dance floor – plus it gives them a goal to reach. That’s why we hold our exclusive Members’ Assessment Day.

What it’s all about

The Assessment Day gives members the opportunity to dance in front of Karen Hardy herself or another qualified celebrity guest to gain invaluable feedback on how they are progressing with their dancing journey. It’s a fun assessment where skills are put to the test, but it also motivates members, allowing them to see just how far they have come and what they have achieved.

We use a rating system which covers the first tier of social steps – from the ability to dance with a partner confidently, up to mastering the step patterns and essential tools necessary to become a self-assured dancer. Within those categories, members have the freedom to add a lift or drop into their performance – bringing some magic that is deemed above and beyond their assessment level and potentially qualifying for our ‘Performing Star’ accolade. All members receive a certificate and lovely crystal award.

This gentle, fun and social experience often gives members the confidence to move on to our ProAm showcases or even lead to participation in an internationally-recognised ISTD competition, which is judged by external examiners in front of an audience.

On the day

On assessment day, a time slot is allocated to the member depending on the number of dances he/she is performing. Music is chosen at random by the teacher, to test that the member can listen to a song, identify the beat and then choose an appropriate dance. Teachers may also be on hand before the assessment, to run through the steps one last time with any nervous dancers!

At Karen Hardy Dance Studios, we love a bit of glamour, so we encourage members to dress nicely for the Assessment Day, while making sure they feel comfortable and at ease – if that’s a sparkly little number, so be it!

Most importantly, after the exhilarating adrenaline rush is over, members can relax at the champagne bar and enjoy a celebratory drink.

What’s included

Although your progress is being evaluated, our Assessment Days have been designed as an enjoyable way for members to discover how well they are doing on the dance floor and to encourage them to keep dancing.

The day includes:

  • A unique chance to dance in front of a celebrity from the world of dance
  • A positive report sheet which provides feedback on the individual’s progress
  • Expert tips on how to improve your dancing further
  • An achievement certificate
  • The chance to socialise with other members in the champagne bar
  • Presentation of a beautiful crystal award at one of our monthly cocktail nights or gala parties to further acknowledge their dancing successes.

To find out more about our Membership package or Assessment Day, please call us on 0207 731 7316.

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