Pro-Am Showcase Experiences

Welcome to the World of ProAm

Some of you may have bigger dreams of not only mastering the basic skills of dance but wanting that real adrenalin rush of actually experiencing the real luxury and glamour you see on TV! Well now you can, with your very own ‘Professional’ dance partner, with a bespoke ProAm showcase package will be designed especially for you.



Take a dance of your dreams, team it with a dynamic piece of music, adorn the costumes of the couture dance catwalks. Enhance your tan and makeup to a performance level and deliver it to a live audience at an amazing Karen Hardy Dance Studios Showcase event.

This system has been in existence for decades around the world and has proven to be an excellent way to challenge your own dance abilities – more importantly an excellent way to stay fit, healthy and lose those extra pounds.

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ProAm Competitions

Miami, New York, Paris, the glamour and excitement of taking to the dancefloor in some of the world’s most prestigious cities speaks for itself. At Karen Hardy Dance Studios, whatever your level, we open up the opportunity for you to take your dancing feet around the world at a range of spectacular ProAm events.

You are the Am(ateur) and we provide the pro(fessional) which will give you your very own ballroom dancing experience, just like on TV. Yes, it’s competitive but you have to be ‘in it to win it’.

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ProAm Showcases

Do you want to feel a million dollars and get that exciting ballroom dancing celebrity experience? At Karen Hardy Dance Studios we can quick step you to stardom through your very own showcase performance.

Team up with one of our professional dancers, pick your own music, learn the lifts and master the moves before you get the chance to live your dancefloor dream in front of an audience.

Dance costume, check, performance level tan, check, choreography, check, music, check, audience in place, check – now you are ready to go.

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