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Learning how to Waltz is easy – the dance is suited to slow ballads or instrumental music in 3/4 time. Originating, as so many dances do, as a folk dance, Waltz is said to have been born in the 17th century in the suburbs of Austria and Bavaria. By the eighteenth century, this dance had grown in popularity and spread quickly throughout Europe.

States and churches were up in arms – it was seen as a vulgar and immoral form of dance as it was the first time society was experiencing the man holding the lady so close!

To date, the Waltz still remains one of the best known of all social dances, which is testimony to its lasting appeal. The popular image of a man and woman, arm in arm, circling the dance floor, eyes only for each other, still represents the epitome of romance and sophistication.

The grace and flavour of the waltz seems to remind us of happier times, when life was calm and love was sweet. The Waltz is a dance of a world that is easier to understand and it’s easy to learn how to waltz. You can rally into a variety of steps with just a minimal amount of tuition.

Basic Rhythm: 123 123 (Strong accent on 1)

Illustration showing the Waltz dance steps

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