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The Tango is danced to medium tempo orchestral, often march-like music. The dance is said to have been formed around the 19th century in the city of Buenos Aires, where poverty, depression and sorrow saw entertainment in the form of music and dance distract folks from their sad feelings.

At that time such different cultures had migrated there from as far away as Europe and Africa, and each added their own cultural ways from African beats, Latin influences, Indian Rhythms and the popular music of the pampas (flatlands) in Argentina which when fused together formed the new music dubbed Tango. It was a dance of the prostitute and pimp, creating movements of emotional expression and suggestive gyration.

Of course, over time this dance became less obscene but two important ingredients remain to this day; the background music of the bandoneon (a German instrument similar to the accordion), and the passionate expression of emotions into this dance.

Tango holds to itself a very unique character which sets it apart from all of the other dances. Staccato actions, dramatic gestures and quick snaps of the head from one position to another, giving an appeal to this dance which so many wish to experience today.

Basic Rhythm: Quick-Quick-Slow-Slow

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