Learn to Quickstep at Karen Hardy Dance Studios

The Quickstep is danced to up-tempo jazz/swing music. The QuickTime Foxtrot and Charleston would fuse together in time and bring us a dance offering speed, body flight, flare and daring tempo changes known as the Quickstep.

With Foxtrot and Quickstep having common origins, the Twenties saw many bands playing the slow Foxtrot too fast, which soon led to the Quickstep breaking away and finding its own fast characteristic style. With the Charleston fever offering a lot of influence to this dance around 1925 the English then developed it as a progressive dance without kicks and mixed in the fast Foxtrot steps.

There was a debate as to why this dance became so popular in Britain. It has been thought that the Quickstep was the Brits’ answer to ‘keeping warm indoors’ during the winter. However it is a proven fact that the energy exerted while dancing a 60 second Quickstep is equivalent to running a mile in record time. If ever there was a dance to challenge your fitness levels, Quickstep is the one!

Basic Rhythm: Slow-Quick-Quick

Illustration showing the Quickstep dance steps

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