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The foxtrot steps are danced to medium-slow jazz/swing music. Born out of the Ragtime era and synonymous with one man named Harry Fox came the Foxtrot in 1913.

California saw this dance born when Harry Fox realised the strict moral code of the day placed great restrictions on the movement of his alluringly dressed ‘beauties’. Only being allowed in frozen tableaux positions, Fox invented a dance that allowed him to move around them. Beginning with a slow walk over two beats he would then break into short ‘trots’ on one beat. This allowed him to finish sandwiched between his beauties.

The Foxtrot ultimately became the most popular and lasting dance of the twentieth century, but not before going through many stylistic changes. Not until the early 30s did Foxtrot begin to take on a smoother and more flowing quality in contrast to the new and exciting Latin dances hitting the scene.

A modified version called the Slow Foxtrot was evolved by the English, and is the technical basis for the version we now have today. Long flowing and graceful steps across the dance floor will initially look easy to master but when you are learning how to Foxtrot, you will realise it is one of the hardest of the ballroom dances to perfect if you want to push the dance to a higher level.

Basic Rhythm: Slow-Quick-Quick

Illustration showing Foxtrot dance steps

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