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Learn to Argentine Tango at Karen Hardy Studios

The Argentine Tango is more risque than the more commonly known Ballroom Tango. It is danced to medium tempo orchestral music.

The Argentine Tango spread to Europe in the early 20th Century when wealthy Argentineans moved to Paris. By 1913 it had become a worldwide phenomenon. Due to its risque nature, a ‘cleaned up’ version of the dance evolved into the more acceptable Ballroom Tango. However, this dance is more sensual and intimate than the Ballroom Tango.

The couple’s upper bodies should remain close together and their lower bodies apart. Quite often, the lady will even rest her head on the man’s chest or their faces will be very nearly touching. The Argentine Tango is about the relationship between man and woman and can be expressed in either of the following ways. It can turn into a battle of wills with the man and woman using different ways to triumph. Alternatively it can be a dance of two people becoming one (often these routines look as if the couple has become one being with four legs).

Using choreography which involves ‘decorations’, whereby the lady will move her ankles up and down the man’s leg or the man will ‘sandwich’ the lady’s foot, has brought this dance right into the 21st Century as everyone wants to experience.

Basic Rhythm: Slow-Slow

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