I have now made it back to Scotland in spite of last night’s snow!

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for yesterday’s session. It was a great experience in wonderful surroundings and moreover, it was great fun. You were so patient and understanding with us!

We both enjoyed it immensely and felt there was real progress in the time we had together – well, that is my story and I am going to stick with it!

Thanks again.

All the best

David Gill, MEOL

I wanted to personally thank you for supporting our BAA Phonak party and for the tremendous contribution you made to ensuring the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all our customers .

Your energy, enthusiasm , and willingness to genuinely engage with people was a key part of the evening. I’m not sure how you kept going with all the fun photographs being taken of you , but you did and we thank you for that.

From a commercial perspective we have been inundated with great feedback from those who attended and made many new potential business partners.

Thanks again and we hope it is not too long before we are using your services again

Stuart Neilson

Managing Director, Phonak UK

As always that was so much fun! I feel like I’m not very good and a bit stiff… Then I remember it’s only lesson three! I am however going to buy myself a fun swingy dance dress/skirt to make myself feel more girly and graceful, and less wooden. Can’t wait until next week!
Alice Ross
Karen Hardy Studios is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are professional and quick to respond which, coupled with their expertise in the field, makes Quintessentially confident to recommend them to our most discerning members.
Gina Robinson, Quintessentially
Strictly Come Dancing and other BBC entertainment shows regularly use Karen Hardy Studios. We find the facilities to be excellent for our needs and the ambience and creative vibe makes this a great place to work.
Ed Booth, BBC
Our lesson at the Karen Hardy Studios was completely invaluable to the whole of our team – with such a brilliant teaching style, we left in exceptionally high spirits, feeling like we’d really learnt something. You can’t help but get totally absorbed in the lesson, enjoying the exuberant atmosphere and marvelling at the expertise of the tutors. As a partner of the Karen Hardy Studios, we’ll definitely be back very soon for our next session – that level of fun gets quite addictive!
Jana Weidlova, Wyndham Grand London
What a great evening on Saturday, it was excellent, especially the showcases by the ‘Home Team’! Please thank everyone for their hard work involved in organising such a fun evening at the Studio!
Chris George, Knight Frank
Alice and I would just like to say a big thank you to you all for the wonderful time we had at you Black & White Ball. We thought the dancing was amazing by all and we can fully appreciate all the hard work put in by everyone, so thank you.
Simon & Alice Conroy
I just wanted to say what a great it was last night and how much I enjoyed it. I still haven’t quite got enough courage to do the ballroom dances with anyone but the teachers but really enjoyed jiving the night away whenever I could. The showcases were fantastic and a credit to your teaching and as always the teachers dances were amazing and always good to see you all dancing without us to slow you down. I just wish I could be there every day as I really do love learning to dance.
Sue Maughan
Just wanted to say how much Fiona and I enjoyed the Gala on Saturday, you all worked so hard and it was fabulous.
Norma McMorrine
Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful moment on last Saturday. That became one of my unforgettable memories in the UK and I really enjoyed it! I loved so much the first dance by all teachers and your superb salsa performance, followed by other great dances.
Yuichi Inoue
We all had a great time and were overwhelmed by how you made us feel so welcome from the moment we arrived for practice. I especially wanted to say thank you for the little talk you had with Grace about her being so nervous. It really helped her to imagine those bullies on the front row like you said!
Trudi Ward
Yesterday was fabulous, you are a wonderful person full of vibrance and enthusiasm and you made us feel so comfortable, you know it felt like we were meeting an old friend (old as in not seen for a while…). Tracey was worried that her level of dancing would embarrass her but how you helped her through this and it is a long time since I have seen her laugh and enjoy herself so much – for those two hours we forgot everything that is going on in our lives.
My family arranged this as a Christmas present for me, and it coincided with our return last week from a month’s holiday in warm Australia, to a cold Britain. We had been absolutely freezing, until ultimately, warmth radiated from your heart! You are a lovely warm person with a gorgeous quick-witted personality and I loved it.
Trevor, Anthea & Louise
Karen was very welcoming and gave us the opportunity to continually develop quickly throughout our lesson. I learnt more in the two hours with Karen than I have experienced in other short classes. I would recommend this experience to anyone with an interest in dance! Thank you Karen for a wonderful experience it was great fun (hopefully be back again one day).
Karen was brilliant, she quickly made me relax and gave me encouragement as a beginner, but also had a sense of humour when I made a mistake (she has the patience of a saint). I would really like to come back one day once I have mastered the ‘chicken walk’!
I had a lovely time on Saturday – the only complaint’s are that it went far too quickly and that I realized I am a crap dancer! Karen and Emma made me feel very special. The studio is beautiful, so well thought out, very friendly yet extremely sophisticated. I wish Karen lots of luck with her new venture it must be a very exciting time for her and her husband.

Thank you ever so much yet again for giving Theia such a fabulous party. The guests and the birthday girl had a wonderful time. The only complaint we got was it was over too soon!

Please thank your team for us for giving the girls such a brilliant afternoon. I hope we did not leave too much mess.

I will get back in touch for my sons party in January, turning 10!

We love our time at yours so I know we will see you soon.

Mira N Joshi

More than a dance studio