Strictly Come Dancing – Week 4

Children In NeedPlease accept my sincere apologies for not being here for this week’s Strictly Come Dancing blog report and my weekly Choreography Corner reviews on It Takes Two, but I was thousands of miles away interacting with an incredibly committed team of Chinese in Beijing. My challenge… to choreograph for a most talented team of dancers a six minute, high flying, fast performing, show stopping routine, to compete at the British Championships next May in Blackpool.

Being overwhelmed by their incredible joy of team bonding, interacting, assisting, supporting and genuine care for each other’s success in the group, it made me reflect on the dying art of ‘human interaction’ around the world. With next month enjoying the annual success of seeing the mad things that so many of you will get up to supporting Children in Need, I’m voicing my opinion on the growing need to encourage and secure the age-old tradition of human interaction for children and adults alike.

From bike riding marathons to bake-a-cake mess-athons, company collaborations and family contributions, Children in Need seems to create a reason for so many of you to go back to such old traditions requiring human interaction, when wanting to raise money for this very special charity. So why do it only once a year?

Feeling annoyed at myself at how I have let a simple computer game take over our household and despair that I’ve now become the ‘ogre’ of the home for putting a ban on any computer interaction during dinner time, it makes me think that we can’t just say ‘no’ but rather, take the proactive approach of introducing a distraction to creatively guide family and loved ones away from these insightful, yet annoying technical gadgets and gizmos.

And, with Christmas just around the corner, how many of you are already being swayed by computer companies with vast marketing budgets, to buy the latest and greatest computer crazes, which we all know will guarantee your loved ones a moment of delight on Christmas day? But will it not mean that those times of Christmas laughter will be lost, Grandad giggling with his grandchild forgotten, family board game ‘barnies’ gone forever?

Well, I’m going to put it out there as an owner of a dance business, and who witnesses daily the delights that dance can bring someone, that we are destined for a disaster – in the wise words of Craig Revel Horwood! With absolutely no means to compete against million dollar computer companies and their advertising budgets but rather someone who quite simply craves dance, I’m sewing a seed this week in my blog in the hope that you will give someone a very small gift of a dance experience this year in someway or other.

And, if you think I’ve truly lost the plot, promise me one thing – you’ll go buy some popcorn kernels, cook them with your children, source a last remaining DVD rental shop, treat yourself and family to a pot or two of ice cream and rent or buy the incredible movie WALI where you will discover that it is ‘dance’ that saves the world!

Click here to buy your loved one the ‘gift of dance’ at Karen Hardy Studios or dare I say whilst playing your computer game, take a moment to track down your local dance school that is probably just around the corner from you and you didn’t even see it!

Until next week, where I’ll be back with my Strictly Come Dancing news and reviews… (and from a very philosophical me this week) go and get dancing!

Karen Hardy
World Masters, International, United Kingdom & British National Champion of Latin American Dance
Winner Strictly Come Dancing 2006
Carl Alan & BDF Award winner for services to dance
Director of Karen Hardy Studios

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