Name: Michael

“Flair and fluidity are his forte.  Loving nothing more than seeing his students mastering the art of gliding gracefully across the dance floor, our Ballroom expert excels in him sharing the skills of partner work where two bodies have to take on the challenge of moving in harmony by using a wealth of technical knowledge and physical energy.  Enjoy and experience for yourself the wonders of two people moving as one on the dance floor.” – Karen Hardy.

Michaels Biography:

Originally from Perth, Australia, Michael started dancing at the early age of six. From a young age his natural born talent and passion for dance led him to compete throughout Australia in all major dance competitions, including the honour of representing Australia in the Australasian Championships.

Michael later moved to London to further his career in dancing with a strong focus on Ballroom in order to expand his knowledge and go on to work with some of the industries top professionals, competing in major competitions all over the world. Now, teamed up with his professional dance partner Martina, Michael continues to travel the world to teach, perform show dance demonstrations and compete on the highest level in Professional Open Ballroom events as a World Championship representative.

Michael was also a guest teacher for the Oxford, Warwick and ULU University dance teams, at the Royal Veterinarian College and at various stage and drama schools such as the Millennium Performing Arts School.

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