2015 Russian Debutante Ball in London

Karen Hardy Studios is thrilled to announce its partnership with the famous Russian Debutante Ball, which takes place on 15 November at Grosvenor House in London.

Russian Debutante BallThe Ball, one of the most anticipated events on the social calendar, is an elegant affair which has been described as ‘the adventure of a lifetime’. It offers the debutantes and their escorts a unique opportunity to participate in an historic and long-held tradition.

Most eagerly awaited is the debutante opening ceremony, where the ladies, in their flowing white gowns, step on to the dance floor with their tuxedoed partner – the culmination of months of dance practice.

The couples will have access to Karen Hardy Studios’ luxurious and exclusive facilities in Chelsea, receiving dance training from our expert teachers which follows an approved programme of specially developed ballroom dance education.

For more information about tickets, registering as a debutante or the event itself, visit the Russian Debutante Ball website – www.russianball.co.uk.

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